An innovative and reliable partner

Tolsma designs and manufactures innovative storage techniques that improve the storage efficiency of potatoes, onions and carrots. Climate control like no one else does. Growers, traders and processors on a global scale choose Tolsma products for their innovative character, ease of use and reliability.

Tolsma provides total solutions and components for storage of potatoes, onions or carrots in bulk or in boxes to give you the highest storage efficiency. In addition to above and underground ventilation systems for bulk storage, Tolsma specialises in box storage with forced ventilation (blowing or suction) and space ventilation systems. Tolsma Emmeloord also provides up-to-date and valuable storage advice.

Tolsma works closely together with its sister company, Grisnich, a specialist in the field of sorting and cleaning potatoes, onions and carrots. Together, the Tolsma-Grisnich Group forms a reliable and innovative partner for growers and processors.